Are CV’s overrated?

Within a world of technological advances, it seems slightly old fashioned that within Recruitment CV’s still play such a big part in someone securing a role.
But what really is a CV? An overview of someone’s career, a background on what they’ve done, a tick list of their qualification and skills? But does it really show one of the most important things – whether that person is the right fit for your organisation.

When recruiting within healthcare, ensuring that our candidates have the necessary skills and qualifications for a role is a given – but that’s just the foundations of finding someone their perfect role and finding our clients their perfect employee.

Personality, visions, values, aspirations are all equally important – and something that can’t really be understood from a Microsoft Word document that our candidates fear going over 2 pages in case the employer gets bored.
We have several clients we work with now who trust our understanding of their business and the role they are recruiting for that they don’t even require us to send CV’s before putting a candidate forward for interview. Risky? Maybe, but that trust and faith allows us to present them with people who after lengthy conversations and meetings, we know could be their next best hire.

Some candidates can be instantly discounted for a role based on their CV, even though in reality they are probably the best person for the job. This may be because they’ve been an interim for several years and are now looking for a permanent role. It may be because all of their positions have been slightly different to the current vacancy but when discussing it at length they actually have all of the transferable skills needed plus more – as they can bring something new to the business.

We urge all clients who are recruiting to think past a CV and look into the individual – and as the cliché says – don’t judge a book by its cover – it could just be the best hire you’ve ever made!