Healthier Recruitment is aware of the constant pressure for Healthcare organisations to reduce reliance and spend on temporary workforce, and also how difficult this can be for them - especially as patient care must take priority.


We have dedicated our business model to helping and supporting both Private and NHS organisations to recruit in a ‘Healthier’ way, and focus all of our efforts in assisting you to build a strong and quality substantive / permanent workforce.

Not only do we assist in finding candidates with the right skill set and qualifications for your role, we take the time to get to know your organisation / service allowing us to introduce candidates who share your visions, values, passion and will share your future.

At Healthier Recruitment the first steps to us finding the perfect solution for you is to discuss your requirements. We like to do this face to face but appreciate that in some instances this isn’t always immediately possible. Please contact us or upload a job description or request a call back and one of our experienced team will contact you at a time that is convenient to discuss in more detail how Healthier Recruitment can work for you.