Making the switch from temp to perm, easier for everyone………

The healthcare industry has been one which has been heavily weighted towards the temporary and interim markets for some years.

We are now seeing a big switch in this, and with government pay caps on agency rates and permanent employers being able to offer stable and attractive packages, more healthcare professionals are now considering the change from contractor and interim roles to a permanent opportunity.

This is however a difficult change to make – not just because of the change this can have on lifestyle for the candidate, but also the issue of convincing a new employer that with a varied employment history and CV, that you are now committed to developing your career with one organisation.

For any employers who are recruiting for a role – the most important thing to remember is not to be put off a candidates CV based on the number of positions they have worked within.

Bring it back to basics and think about what you really want from your new employee…. do they have the skills and experience for the role? Yes. Are the passionate about and excited about an opportunity with your organisation? Yes. The only way to assess their commitment to a future with your organisation is to meet with them and get to know them as a person and ask them why they have decided to make this change.

The more open minded employers can be – and hold back from judging a candidate from their employment history – the better. Instead of seeing it as a risk see it as a benefit – this candidate has got extensive experience in several different settings and therefore has a wealth of knowledge to bring to your organisation.

The transition from a market led by temporary and contractor employees to a strengthened workforce of permanent employees is going to be a long process but one that needs to happen – try and support this transition rather than be afraid of it!temp-to-perm