Nurse Interviews vs First Dates – it’s a two-way thing…..

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two-way adjective (RELATIONSHIP)

A two-way situation involves two people or two groups of peopleworking together to achieve a shared aim:

Negotiations are a two-way thing – both sides have to come to a compromise.

Remember, relationships are a two-way street (= both people have to make an effort).

With a high demand for good nurses, and plenty of job opportunities for them to choose from, it has never been more important for organisations and services to realise the interview process is just as much an assessment of them, as it is for the nurse.


Nurses –


Yes you have an amazing skill set, yes you could potentially walk into a role tomorrow with your experience and attributes, but if you want an employer who values you, supports you and listens – the first step is showing them that you equally value them. Have you taken the time to explore their organisation, their history, existing staff and management, their achievements…….. This may seem like an obvious thing to do and that you wouldn’t DREAM of not doing this before attending an interview but you would be surprised how many people don’t.


Organisations –


Yes we appreciate you are busy, yes we know you put patient care at the top of your priorities (we hope) and that you feel anyone should be lucky to be part of your team. However, you need to remember they won’t know this unless you SHOW them. An interview with a nurse gives you a chance to showcase your service, your amazing team and discuss openly both the challenges and rewards that come with being an employee of your organisation.  If they ask for a tour – DO NOT   say you don’t have time – this is them showing a key interest in the organisation and could be the start of their journey with you or an abrupt end to it.

Providing excellent healthcare needs passion, support and most importantly – collaboration. This means from the first introduction to the 20th year of service.

Think of it like dating – you can read an online profile, look through pictures but no-one can prepare you for the feeling when it just ‘clicks’ and you know you’ve found the right one for you.

So for any clients or candidates that are part of an interview process over the next few weeks – remember this is the first date – don’t waste it!