Having run my own business for 12 years, I’ve required the need to go through a recruitment agency when applying for a job. Recently, I decided to sell my business and change career direction. The most aspect was “how do I apply for a job?” I needn’t have feared. I’ve applied for one role, a role I specifically had my eye on and was put through to Healthier Recruitment. The next day, I received a call from Necole who spoke about the role in length and followed with an immediate email showing the job description and further steps to complete. Once I had done that, I then received a call from Margo who went on further about the role and booked me in for an interview with the company in question – all of this happened within 2 days! Immediately, I felt at ease by Necole and Margo and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new role in this sector. You’ll receive a fast, professional service with a smile. Thanks again, all, and fingers crossed I get the job :)

Update – he got the job :) :) :)